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2018 05 07 Visita Cónsul

The French General Consul, Mr. Cyril Piquemal, visits DISTRICLIMA

The General Consul of France in Barcelona, Mr. Cyril Piquemal, visited yesterday the facilities of DISTRICLIMA in a courtesy visit resulting of his interest in getting to know the best practices in the energy transition field. The intensive use in France of nuclear energy as a source of energy supply is widely known, but not its commitment to district heating & cooling networks, also widespread in the territory for many years. As an example, only ENGIE Group networks total more than 45 in France.

In Spain, DISTRICLIMA's district heating & cooling network is the largest and clearest example of the consolidated success of circular economy and sustainable air conditioning. With a network of more than 18 km in length and more than 100 connected buildings, DISTRICLIMA avoided in 2017 the emission of 20,287 Tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.