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The european project GrowSmarter visits DISTRICLIMA

On February 26, several members of the European GrowSmarter project, a H2020 project and one of the first Lighthouse projects, awarded in 2015, visited DISTRICLIMA. The objective of the GrowSrmarter initiative is the large-scale demonstration of energy, transport and ICT solutions taking into account the social, economic and environmental dimensions. There are three cities that participate in this project with more than 46 million euros in budget and more than 40 partners: Barcelona, Stockholm and Cologne. In the framework of this initiative and as one of its lines of action, energy efficiency measures are implemented in some of our clients, such as Ca l'Alier. Only in 2018 DISTRICLIMA saved the emission into the atmosphere of 22,965 tons of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of some 7,900 new vehicles in a year.