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2019 05 12 Descarga Máquina Frío Quantum

Successful installation of the new cold production equipment from DISTRICLIMA

DISTRICLIMA takes another step in its growth by unloading and successfully placing its third cold production machine at the Tànger Plant at 22@. With this new equipment, manufactured by ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH (subsidiary of ENGIE Group), DISTRICLIMA will be able to absorb the growing refrigeration demand of its customers in the coming years. The operation of unloading, descent of the equipment by the overture enabled for the purpose and its definitive location has been carried out with precision -in spite of not being exempt of difficulty due to the limitations of space- thanks to the great work and professionalism of the suppliers contracted, of the DISTRICLIMA team and also of the ENGIE team who assumes the mechanical and electrical installation.