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2018 01 18 2017 Un Año De éxito

DISTRICLIMA 2017: Summary of a year of success

During the past year 2017, DISTRICLIMA supplied its customers with around 44.4 GWh of heat and 96.4 GWh of cold. The saving of greenhouse gas emissions exceeded 20,280 tons, further increasing the savings of the previous year. This consumption saving of energies of fossil origin reaches almost 80% in the production of heat and 40% in the production of cold and derives from the use of carbon free primary energies produced in the territory, mainly the steam produced by the incineration of urban solid waste, which was about 64.4 GWh.

Around 10 new clients were put into service, which has implied the incorporation of around 11MW of cold and 10 MW of heat.  In the same way, another 10 buildings contracted its thermal supply from the DHC network. Apart from the spectacular commercial growth of the network, the main operational challenge has been the commissioning of the energy supply to the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona during the first quarter of the year.

The informative and social activity of DISTRICLIMA has been reflected in the multiple activities carried out (institutional visits, sponsorships, conferences, academic visits and participation in forums and congresses), highlighting the visit of Chilean public representatives and from different consistories of our country or the participation in the Smart City Expo Congress, the Municipalia Salon or the Hispano-German Days.